• Lighting the Dark

    Lighting the Dark

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  • Rebuilding Walls

    Rebuilding Walls

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  • Vulnerable


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  • Reflecting Purpose

    Reflecting Purpose

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  • From the Ground, Up

    From the Ground, Up

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  • Lives, Transformed

    Lives, Transformed

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New Address, New Look, Please Update!!!

Effective immediately, this blog has been moved to www.mallaidh.org. All previous posts have been archived and imported to the new site. Please update your bookmarks and feeds to reflect this. All my posts from 2010-2013 have also been archived, but not imported. You can see those posts at www.mallaidh.org/bumpass2beirut. Thanks for stopping by this site and I hope you enjoy the new one!

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Blog Site Update in Progress

In the hope of trying to unify and make certain aspects of my online presence more practical I am considering moving my blog back to Blogger. As I post on mallaidh.org/blog I will cross post back to this site as well (http://blogspot.mallaidh.org), in order to get a feel of my new design and how the services work. Once I am satisfied that the site is up and running as it should I will "flip the switch" and make the new blog site live again. If all goes according to plan you shouldn't have any issues with the new look and location as the blog's address will still point to this domain (mallaidh).

My hope is to also make the last three years of blog posts available as an archive. I have a year of hosting service that I can experiment with and determine if this is the best route or not. Until we get a proper Dar El Awlad website up and running I will continue to host the children's photo blog at mallaidh.org/eyes.

If you want to check the progress of my transition back to Blogger over the summer you can visit the site at http://blogspot.mallaidh.org. I'd ask that you don't depend on this "work in progress" as your definitive resource for Pfaff family news in Beirut. The official blog I will continue to post at will remain at www.mallaidh.org/blog.

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Update on another Site Change !!!

This is a test post of sorts...

If you follow my blog normally you will have read that I am having to reconsider my website hosting as Apple is discontinuing certain online services, one of which I rely on to keep this blog and site up and running. Back in 2010 I switched from this service (Blogger) to Mobile Me as Apple's service gave me a wide range of options and more creative freedom...quickly and easily. Now that I am faced with being "evicted" I am looking for a new web home, and may be returning back to Blogger.

I am in the middle of redesigning my site and getting the design and functions of this site organized. Please keep this is mind as you navigate this site. I am loosely planning on cross-posting, here and on my main (and current site), so that future blog entries won't get lost in the shuffle if I have to move.

Until the move happens please continue to use http://b2b.mallaidh.org as the site to visit and get all my Lebanese news.

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Important announcement...site has moved. Please go to http://b2b.mallaidh.org


The transition from this site to my current blog/website is complete. It would be best to make sure your bookmarks are updated to reflect my address, http://mallaidh.org/blog or you can enter in http://b2b.mallaidh.org directly.

If you were using my RSS feed the old one from Blogger isn't used anymore and you will need to change your newsreaders to reflect my new feed: http://www.mallaidh.org/blog/Blog/rss.xml.

This page will redirect to my current site in about 30 seconds, click on the image above to speed this process up.

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Change is coming on April 18th...


April 18th I will not only be celebrating my first full year in Lebanon but also making a change with my blog. The current address you used to get here will still work, but it will redirect you to the current version of my blog and website, http://b2b.mallaidh.org.

If you still  have links or RSS feeds pointing to this site please make sure they reflect this change. My current/new RSS feed is now http://www.mallaidh.org/blog/Blog/rss.xml and will point towards the freshly designed site. I've had a good run with Blogger but I needed more creative control and flexibility in how I published my site. I don't expect any hiccups but if issues develop please be patient and know that I will be working to resolve them so the transition is as smooth as possible.

Note, I am not closing my site down, merely redirecting my current URL to a new location. My prayer and support cards still have the old address and until I run out of my supply I will make sure this address is still well used.

Here is the official announcement for the move on my current blog (http://www.mallaidh.org/blog/Announcements.html).

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