3 Items of Prayer


Please pray for Kahlil Pfaff as he serves with Kids Alive International® in Beirut, Lebanon

Please keep the following items lifted up in prayer:
  • Support:
    • Prayer, The most crucial support I need is a team of people committed to praying on a regular basis for me, Kids Alive, and the children of Dar al-Awlad.
    • Financial, I am currently raising $42,000 that will carry me through two years of service in Lebanon, $6,600 which is needed immediately so I can begin training this September.
  • Work & Apartment: I have some decisions to make here soon about my current job and living arrangements in Lynchburg.
  • Transition and Preparation: Please pray for all the ongoing preparations, the children and staff I will be serving and working with, and the ability to hit the ground running. Please keep Lebanon, its people and government, in prayer also.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. I look forward to sharing with you the experience and outcome of the pending work in Lebanon.

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Early June Update

Greetings from Atlanta!
It is around 8:30 am Friday and I am blessed beyond measure to be here in Georgia with my Crescent Project Family. Why am I here? You might be asking yourself, "why is he in Atlanta with Crescent Project, I thought he was being sent out with Kids Alive?". Well, nothing has changed, Kids Alive is still my sending organization and I am eagerly looking forward to heading to Lebanon ASAP. My time here with Crescent Project is more of a family reunion, I want to be with friends and people that I might not have a chance to see for a while, once I return to Lebanon. This year's Sahara Challenge is the largest ever, I have heard that there are around 80 or so students attending, mabruk! Today is the last day of the conference and tonight there will be a prayer and commissioning service to send out the teams. I will be returning to Virginia most likely on Saturday.

News from Lebanon...
Things appear to be going well over there at the moment. From what I have heard the summer season is getting off to a good start and tourism seems to be resuming. Dar al-Awlad is having their fundraising banquet this evening in Monsourieh.

Things Kids Alive...
Support is coming in, slowly, but coming in. I have a more concrete date that I can share with everyone now. I am registered to attend training in Colorado mid-September, ending around the 30th. My service and time in Lebanon will start once this is over, though I will likely have a few days once before I leave for Beirut to say goodbye to friends and family back in Virginia. Please continue to pray for funds and support to come in.

No photos this post, sorry. Thanks for all your prayer and support. I will be sending out a formal update here soon to those on my email list.

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