July Update and Information on CHALLENGE 2775

Hey All...

Hard to believe that July is almost over. Hope you are doing well and you are finding some way to avoid the heat of summer. Wanted to take a moment to update you on how the support raising was going as well as to let you know about an opportunity that has just presented itself. I know these letters can be long, but please be patient with me and read through it as there is much information I have to share here. This is also going to be posted on my website at http://bumpass2beirut.blogspot.com.

At this point $2,270 has been donated or pledged towards startup costs. I still have $4,330 to raise out of the required $6,600. My overall support for the two years is around 26%. This is a significant improvement since my last email. Thanks for your prayers, I ask that you continue to keep praying specifically for the funding. My MTI (missionary training) time in Colorado begins October 20th, it is urgent and important that I get at least the initial $6,600 in before then so I can go. This is the first step in my actual movement towards Beirut this year. Once I am at 90% support I can hit the field and begin my service in Lebanon.

Ok, now on to the opportunity I am very excited to share with you all. A couple of nights ago I got an email from a family (who will remain anonymous) who has said that they would like to offer up a challenge. They will donate $2,775 in financial support if I can raise $2,775 in support to match what they are offering. So, like public radio, public tv, and Christian radio share-a-thons, I need a group of people that are willing to meet this challenge and help me raise $2,775. Once this amount is raised and matched I will have a grand total of $5,500 going towards my startup....add that to what I have now and I will have met my first goal and will be on my way to Colorado. I will also have a good chunk of my overall expenses covered as well. Please pray for this challenge to be met quickly as October is going to be here in no time.

Please pray for the following as you see fit...
(1) Birds...I have emailed the bird center to see if I can arrange a visit here in a week or so. This is going to be emotionally hard, on me and the birds. I am holding out of relinquishing them until last minute, just before I move out of my apartment.

(2) Apartment...Based on the fact that MTI begins in mid-October, I am going to move out of my current apartment in September. I have made other living arrangements that will hold me over until I leave for MTI and Lebanon. I don't have nearly as much as I did when I left my other apartment, but I still have stuff that I need to sell, donate, or toss away. I'd like to get at least a little money for some of the furniture and things I need to let go (kayak, bike, etc) but I am more interested in downsizing. Can't take this stuff to Lebanon or to my friends' house so...

(3) Work...When I leave for MTI I am either going to have to quit or take an unpaid leave of absence. I am currently saving some money to use for misc. expenses (before I leave for and once I am in Lebanon) and to live on once I don't have a paycheck. I am not sure if I will have to take a part-time job somewhere either to help once I return from MTI.

(4) Support...as I have mentioned above, I still have much work to do in regards to raising prayer and financial support. My home church, Grace, will be meeting Wednesday July 23rd around 9:30am to discuss how they might be able to offer financial support towards this project. I also have a tentative date of Aug. 10th to be introduced to the body and briefly present my service opportunity to them. I am also actively talking to two other churches in regards to financial support. I will begin contacting individual people from my home church this week and following up on previously sent out prayer letters. There are many unanswered prayer letters that were sent out in April, I also plan on following up as best as I can with those. Though the project requires financial assistance I can do nothing without God and the prayers of His faithful.

(5) Health...I currently seem to be developing a sinus infection, we'll see how it goes. On Monday I have a physical scheduled (required by Kids Alive). I am in good health, but I guess I need a doctor to sign off on me :)

(6) Lebanon and Dar al-Awlad...Please continue praying for Lebanon and the children there. As in many parts of the world the children suffer the most in times of conflict and uncertainty. Pray that Kids Alive and Dar al-Awlad continue to remain safe and able to provide care and Christ-like love in all they do and in whatever situation presented with. I am one of three new missionaries signed up to join Kids Alive in Lebanon, please pray for the ongoing needs of the other two as well.

That is it for now, I feel this is long enough. There is a slight chance that some of you might have received this email twice. It would be a result of how I keyed in the addresses, so please just overlook that if you would and don't take it as me trying to beat you over the head with this :) Take care and stay in touch. If there is anything I need to expand on please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

In His Service,

Kahlil Pfaff

"Faith tells us of things we have never seen, and cannot come to know by our natural senses."
--St. John of the Cross

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