Shoo Akhbar ("What's new") ??? | Funding Update and Other News Bits...

Just a brief update here for the end of September. I hope to have a proper newsletter and update out in the next couple of weeks.

Prayer Items:
  • Funds...The startup costs are raised and Challenge 2775 has been met. Thanks to all who have taken up the challenge and helped me meet the $6,600 startup goal. I am currently around 45% of my monthly support and need a little over $800/month in additional funds before my total budget is met. More information about this will come soon. The current financial goal is to have my monthly support level at 60% by November 1st.
  • Presentations and travel...Wed (10/1) and Thursday (10/2) I will be presenting at two Life Groups (house church) and Sunday (10/5) I'll be in North Carolina presenting to a church.
  • Travel...Upcoming training in Colorado from 10/20-11/7, will also be spending time with friends in Seattle and family in Richmond (before and after training).
  • Work...much to prepare for as I leave for almost a month. We are also preparing for our scheduled audit at work.
As of today (9/29) I am now "homeless". The keys are turned in and apartment is empty and clean. I am temporarily living in the basement of some friends in Lynchburg as support and funds are raised. It has been a freeing experience getting rid of all my furniture and moving out into this next phase of my life with basically my truck, my clothing, and my computer. If I couldn't take it to Beirut it was either sold, given away, or sent to storage at my parent's house. Having to give up the birds was difficult at first, but I know they're in good hands and will be taken care of. I still miss them and their company though.

I can't really say too much more, its late and I have to prepare for work in the morning. After a four day extended weekend I am finding it a bit challenging to return to the office :)

Thanks for your support and prayers.
In Christ,

في يسوع المسيح

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Another step closer


On Saturday the birds moved into their new home in Danville, Va...which is kinda cool since that is their "hometown". 12 years ago in April Mally (the quaker) entered my life. About two years ago later Buddy (the green cheek) was adopted. Both birds have their unique personalities, likes, and dislikes. While both birds were difficult to let go it broke my heart to give up Mally. Buddy has proven himself to be very resilient and adapts well to change and new settings, but Mally was bonded rather strongly to me and didn't take to other people very quickly.

The home they became part of belongs to a wonderful lady that a mutual friend introduced me to. Mally and Buddy are part of a large flock now, which should help ease the stress and difficulty of moving into a new home and lifestyle.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragements during this time. I believe the hardest part for me was not the letting go but the feeling (which continues now and is likely to linger for a while) that I have let them down and abandoned them. Again, they are in wonderful hands and will thrive in their new family. When I sold my kayak a few weeks ago it seemed to mark the first real milestone in moving from Virginia to Beirut. It is my belief now that letting the birds go is the first sacrificial milestone.

I am now in the process of moving from my apartment to my friends' house, which involves a ton of downsizing and adjusting to living among people (rather than birds). There are two more small group presentations scheduled over the next two weeks, would like to see a couple more get scheduled. The Virginia State Fair is just around the corner and I'll be making a stop there at the end of the month, most likely my last opportunity to attend. I'll be traveling down to N.C. during early October to speak at a church about Lebanon and the work with Kids Alive. Mid-October finds me traveling to Seattle and Colorado Springs. As you can see there is a lot on my plate.

Also wanted to make a note here regarding addresses and mail. My "old" address (apartment) is still in effect although I have moved. I will be forwarding this address at the end of September to my current address (house). Closer to the end of Sept. I will be broadcasting an email on my support/friends & family list to announce the new address.

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His Eye is on the Sparrow

I had a home lined up last week (end of August) for the birds, but it fell apart on me when the foster "parents" had a family crisis come up and were unable to take Mally and Buddy. Please pray that I am able to find a suitable home for them quickly. Buddy is likely to adapt to anything, he is a great bird and will probably do well. He's just a bit old and cranky, yet sweet in general. Mally is going to need some special attention as she is bonded quite strongly to me and used to being out of her cage most of the time, at least 80-90% of the time when I am at home. I have to be out of the apartment by the end of September so finding a home is of utmost urgency.

Mally is a 12 year old Quaker Parrot. I've been the sole owner and raised her up from a baby.

Buddy is around 20+ years old and is a Green Cheek Conure. I am the third owner for him. He is not a bad bird, I think his original (and subsequent owners) didn't realize the responsibility of owning a bird.

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