Shoo Akhbar? | شو أخبار؟

Last post I think for the month, see you all in June sometime. In the meantime here is the news from Dar el-Awlad.

About the photo: We've had a large number of praying mantises being spotted around campus. The children have done a wonderful job in caring for them and treating them with the utmost care and respect...even the cranky ones we encounter! This is a photo of one of our most active residents with his new-found friend. They both kindly posed for a photograph to commemorate the event.

1) I've added a YouTube channel to my current methods of sharing the news. You can check it out here: Through the Eyes of a Child. I will add video clips there of things, mostly related to what is happening around Dar el-Awlad. Occasionally I will likely add videos of life in and around Lebanon.

2) Fundraising Banquet...May 30th is our annual fundraising banquet here at Dar el-Awlad. Please keep this event in your prayers and if you're in the area feel free to come on over. Tickets are $20 USD and you can contact me for more information.

3) Elections...Elections in Lebanon are set for June 7th. Who knows what is going to happen and what direction we'll be headed in over here. Thankfully all has been quiet leading up to this point. Please keep this event in your prayers, for the candidates and the country as a whole.

4) Language...I am still amazed at how stubborn of a student I am, even 30+ years into my life. I am finding the vocabulary easy to manage its putting it all together that is messing with my head.

5) Summer...The children leave in June to spend time with their families (will be here off and on for camps). I will have quite a bit of downtime and need to find something to occupy my time. I have much to review and prepare for before the residents return but summer can't be all work. I've made some contacts in the climbing community so I hope to begin bouldering and climbing soon. I also hope to spend some time in other parts of Lebanon with friends and supporters as well as connect with other programs in the area and help out as I can.

6) Church...Still haven't found a church home yet, but I am working on it and would appreciate prayers on this issue.

Can't say that I am very talkative this post. Take care and stay in touch, I look forward to giving additional updates. The next newsletter will likely be in July/August so keep checking back here for updates, videos, photos, and other pieces of life from Lebanon. Remember that my last newsletter (May 2nd, 2009) can be downloaded here...

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Dance, Dance, Dance

Earlier in the week the boys decided to throw an impromptu celebration for two of their had just gotten married and one had returned from being sick. Here is a brief video clip of celebratory dancing (

Below are some photos from this past week or so showing life here on the campus.

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April/May Newsletter & Update

Here is the April/May newsletter, each image representing a page. Click on the image to enlarge or download it.

You can also down the PDF version from here:

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Update Coming...


I am currently working on the next newsletter/update. Once I complete it I will post it here and forward it to the main office for mail distribution in the US.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support.

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