Change is coming on April 18th...


April 18th I will not only be celebrating my first full year in Lebanon but also making a change with my blog. The current address you used to get here will still work, but it will redirect you to the current version of my blog and website,

If you still  have links or RSS feeds pointing to this site please make sure they reflect this change. My current/new RSS feed is now and will point towards the freshly designed site. I've had a good run with Blogger but I needed more creative control and flexibility in how I published my site. I don't expect any hiccups but if issues develop please be patient and know that I will be working to resolve them so the transition is as smooth as possible.

Note, I am not closing my site down, merely redirecting my current URL to a new location. My prayer and support cards still have the old address and until I run out of my supply I will make sure this address is still well used.

Here is the official announcement for the move on my current blog (

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