Update on another Site Change !!!

This is a test post of sorts...

If you follow my blog normally you will have read that I am having to reconsider my website hosting as Apple is discontinuing certain online services, one of which I rely on to keep this blog and site up and running. Back in 2010 I switched from this service (Blogger) to Mobile Me as Apple's service gave me a wide range of options and more creative freedom...quickly and easily. Now that I am faced with being "evicted" I am looking for a new web home, and may be returning back to Blogger.

I am in the middle of redesigning my site and getting the design and functions of this site organized. Please keep this is mind as you navigate this site. I am loosely planning on cross-posting, here and on my main (and current site), so that future blog entries won't get lost in the shuffle if I have to move.

Until the move happens please continue to use http://b2b.mallaidh.org as the site to visit and get all my Lebanese news.